Friday, November 23, 2007

The Boondocks

Anyone that familiar with me knows that I love the "Boondocks" an adult cartoon on the Cartoon channel created by Aaron McGruder. The cartoon is actually a spinoff of sorts from McGruder's political comic strip in which the main characters are 10 year old Huey, 8 year old Riley, and Robert Jedediah Freeman or "Grandad" as he is affectionately referred to by his grandsons. Rounding out the cast is Thomas Dubois (The District Attorney), his wife Sarah, his daughter Jasmine, and Robert's self-hating buddy, Uncle Ruckus (no relation).

Riley is a grifter who is forever trying to get something for nothing. For instance he convinces his grandfather to act as if he is blind in order to reap the benefits from two reality show. These schemes always have a backlash and unfortunately the characters end up in much worse shape than they started.

Huey is the voice of reason in an insane world. He is intellectual, militant, and well-versed. In one episode he is asked to speak at his grandfather's friend funeral. Huey recites poetry from Khalil Gabran, the little brother is DEEP!

There is also the semi-regulars that stop by from time to time, such as, Remy and Ed Wunsler III, a new character called Thugnificent and his crew consisting of Macktastic and Flownominal. Below is a clip from this week'
s episode in which Grandad is introduced to the world of internet dating.


Lori said...

You know, so many people rave about this show, I just might have to give it another chance.
I tried watching it when it first came on the air and it just didn't hold my attention.

The funny thing is, I was a HUGE fan of the strip before anyone even knew who McGruder was. Even though he has yet to come out with any new strip material, I still get the old strip via email on a daily basis.

But when it moved to television . . . I don't know. For whatever reason, it didn't seem quite as funny. But like I said, maybe it's time I gave it another look.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Lori,

If it wasn't for Huey I might not be so fond of it either, but I have a lot of love for the little guy. Regina King happens to be the voice of both boys and it is really interesting when she has to play against herself because their ideologies are diametically opposed. If bad language and extremely bad behavior offend you then you better not watch.

Malcolm: said...

I need to make it point to start watching this show. That was quite a beat down that Luna laid on the kid. Those "killer kung-fu wolf bitches" will get you every time.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Malcolm,

You really should check the show out, I think you could appreciate the humor and the relevancy of the topics. And yes, a "killer kung-fu wolf bitch" that knows the ancient art form of kumitay is nothing to play with (LOL).