Monday, February 4, 2008

The Downfall of Britney Spears

Some young celebrities sometimes display abhorrent behavior. From Amy Weingard to Lindsay Lohan each news story of drug and alcohol abuse, DUI’s and the like becomes bigger than the last. Believe me I have done my share of bashing these spoiled, pampered stars who seem to have a sense of entitlement that is out of this world. I have even questioned the conduct of pop queen Britney Spears. Over the past few years she has made dubious personal and professional decisions. At first I was writing it off as more distasteful actions on the part of a poor little rich girl, but now I believe it’s deeper than that.

I have worked with both children and adults with mental illnesses over the last 10 years and although I am not a psychiatrist or even psychologist, she seems to have symptoms of serious mental illness, quite possibly schizophrenia. Her age and the onset of her problems seem to be consistent with other young people who have been diagnosed with the illness.

People diagnosed with schizophrenia usually experience a combination of positive (i.e. hallucinations, delusions, racing thoughts), co (i.e. apathy, lack of emotion, poor or nonexistent social functioning), and cognitive (disorganized thoughts, difficulty concentrating and/or following instructions, difficulty completing tasks, memory problems). The apathy with respect to how she parents her children and the poor decisions with regard to her career and personal life choices seems to point out that Ms. Spears is in dire need of a psychiatric intervention, rather than the public scorn she is currently receiving.

It is too bad that those around her are more consumed with their fiscal well-being than her health. Somebody (mother, father, etc.) should have come to her rescue long ago before things went really bad. There were hints that she was in trouble when she married her childhood friend in Las Vegas back in 2004. That wedding was annulled but not long afterwards she married for the second time and everything has been downhill, with the marriage drama, losing custody of her children, and the hospitalizations.

It seems now that her father has decided to step up and take custody of his daughter and become responsible for making decisions for her. I really don’t know how prudent this choice is seeing that he has not stepped up to the plate before this. We’ll see what happens.


X. Dell said...

Schizophrenia wouldn't surprise me as a diagnosis, but I wouldn't hazard a guess, for I am not a shrink. What seems strange to me is that this generation of stars seems to be goaded by a press that in actuality exploits them. In an age where fame is cheaper, and therefore more fleeting than ever, and in a time where people don't bother to distinguish good publicity from bad, these behaviors might represent a way to extend one's fifteen minutes.

Lori said...

I'm glad to see a few others have finally starting to coming around to what I've long suspected about Brit.

I happen to know quite a few folks who deal with this ailment on the daily. It can be incredibly painful to watch, even when they're taking their meds.

Hopefully, Brit will get the support she needs, and stay on her meds, if not for herself, than for the sake of her kids.

pjazzypar said...

x. dell, the only reason I hazard to guess is that I have a long history of working with people of all ages with many different psychological, psychiatric, and psychosocial developmental problems. You absolutely correct about the press has become much more invasive and exploitive than in the past. I have a notion, how about creating longevity past your fifteen minutes by doing good work. They should let their performances speak for its self, then they wouldn't need all the "bells and whistles". It's just a thought.

lori, hopefully psychotropic medication will be able to stabilize Britney and she can regain some normalcy in her life. Like you mention, she has two little ones depending on her.

Barbara said...

This was a good overview of schiz. I think she does have something seriously wrong. I'm glad someone is interested in helping her, I just hope her dad truly loves her and has her best interest in mind.

pjazzypar said...

Hi Barbara, I truly hope that her dad has good intentions, because she does not need someone around to be agreeable, what this young woman needs is someone to help her fight for her sanity. It is going to be rough.

Open Grove Claudia said...

My sister and mother are both schizophrenics - and I've thought that about Britney. I can't believe they let her out of UCLA. It's unbelievable to me. Now she's in the clutches of the people who were abusing her. Very sad.

It's hard for me to believe that she will survive much longer. How sad for her and everyone who loves her.

pjazzypar said...

hi open grove, Those you really love Britney need to protect her better than they are doing. Protecting her might just mean committing her for treatment in a facility that she cannot just leave when she gets the notion. I hope your mom and sister are doing well and taking their medication.

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I really don’t know how prudent this choice is seeing that he has not stepped up to the plate before this. We’ll see what happens.

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