Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela

The birthday Celebration has begun for one of the most revered and respected men in all the world. Nelson Mandela will celebrate in 90th birthday on July 18th. Born in the small village of Mvezo, he rose to prominence as a civil rights activist and opponent of apartheid and the racist South African government.

He was the first in his family to attend school. Mandela was influenced by the teachings of Gandhi and believed peaceful resistance was the way to fight against white domination in his country. Mandela spent twenty-seven years of his life in prisoned due to his civil resistance, where he studied at the University of London through correspondence and acquiring a law degree. Upon his release from prison in 1990 he went on to become the President of South Africa in 1994.

As of April 2008, Mandela, as well as other senior South African officials, still requires a visa to enter the United States due to his terrorist designation as result of his work against apartheid.

Join me and the rest of the world in honoring a true living legend and wishing him a Happy Birthday!

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