Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And The Winner Is...Kris Allen

This makes the second upset in a row on American Idol. Last year David Cook was the dark horse when he won over the other David Archuleta. I have to say that I am actually pretty happy, because it might just be me, but Adam Lambert was a little bit too over the top! The crowd was star-studded, including numerous winners and runner ups of past seasons. I saw a slimmed down version of Reuben Studdard, Carrie Underwood, and even first season runner up Justin Guarini.

I enjoyed the teaming up of celebrity entertainers with the idols, including Keith Urban with Kris, Lionel Ritchie with third runner up Danny Gokey, and all of the contestants with the great Santana. Kiss and Adam took us back to an earlier time of Rock and Roll. What was up with Queen Latifah, the performance with Lil was wonderful, but what was up with the cat suit? She has a gut for heaven's sake.

Well it's confirmed, there will be an 9th season of Idol and the producers are coming back to the Dallas area to recruit. I was just thinking about something, has a northerner ever won the title of American Idol. Below is my favorite performance by Kris Allen. The video has been removed because of a terms of use violation, so just enjoy the audio.

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Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I was very excited when Kris won! I was thinking he was going to win since Danny Gokey got voted off. Kris had more votes than Adam at that time and I figured the Gokey voters would lean toward Kris. The entire show yesterday was great, I thought!