Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

It is the very rare occasion that I do tributes. That tasks is better left to Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish, who does a much better job at it than I. Nonetheless I felt compelled to say something about comedian George Carlin because his commentary always struck a chord with me. He said things that I wish I had thought of or been brave enough to say. He not only made us laugh, he made us think.

From time to time HBO would air specials showcasing his talents pretty regularly and I always try to catch him whenever I could because dude was hilarious. Carlin displayed the type of genius that made Richard Pryor iconic. In fact they both appeared in one of my favorite classics from the 1970's "Car Wash". He had a great scene as a cab driver transporting a hooker.

Carlin was also responsible for coming up with the "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television". He is arguably the best stand-up comedian after Pryor and before Lenny Bruce. He remained relevant until today when he passed away. He material was always on point and his take on the world was fresh and thought-provoking. Here is George's official website with a very informative time line created by George himself. I am going to miss this guy. RIP George!

Check out this clip of the "Seven Words". Warning! Language might be offensive to some.


Malcolm said...

Thanks for the props. In post about George, I said one of the same things as you: he made us laugh and think. I am noticing on my blogroll that a few others have written about the death of George Carlin too. Even Buck Naked Politics, which demonstrates the breadth of George's influence and appeal.

bernie said...

Very sad. I also rarely do tributes. I linked to your post from my article I have 7 Words for George Carlin who Died at 71

PopArtDiva said...

When I wrote my post this morning I almost didn't post the "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television" video because of the "x-rated" words. Then I realized I would have violated the very thing that George Carlin's comedy was all about - the silliness we humans can get up to.

Had I not posted the video I would have done a disservice to myself and the memory of George Carlin's genius. I laughed at that bit every time I heard it - it was Carlin at his very best - questioning of authority, thumbing his nose at the rules and funny as hell.

Another favorite quip from George that I loved, "What do you mean you don't have all day? How can you not have all day?"

George no longer has "all day" and the world is a lot less funny that it was yesterday.

X. Dell said...

Yeah, I'm really saddened by the news about Carlin, because it always seemed more good material was in the offing.

What I'll particularly miss, especially in this day and age, was his full-tilt attack on bougeois hegemony--from the use of language, to the hollow and thoughtless gestures that mask elite indifference and maliciousness.

He was a very clever man. Too bad he croaked.

The Rock Chick said...

George Carlin was freaking funny and intelligent as heck. Can I say those words while blogging? LOL

RIP George! I'm going to miss you :(

pjazzypar said...


Yes he will definitely be missed.