Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Wins Iowa!

Obama entered the Iowa 20 points behind both Clinton and Edwards, but when the dust settled he had handily won the Iowa primary, with Edwards coming in second and Clinton a close third. I am surprised because I never expected Senator Clinton to come in third place. The Iowa results make it very interesting for candidates entering the New Hampshire primary. Iowa might be considered Senator Obama’s neck of the woods because of its close proximity to Illinois. If this is true, then one might consider New Hampshire to be Clinton friendly.

Obama deserves to celebrate because this is a huge step in relationship to the distance African Americans have gone in past presidential bids. I actually had my doubts that he could pull it off due to his racial heritage, but it seems that people are looking for change and they are willing to set aside their differences in order to achieve this change. Savor your victory Senator Obama, job well done! Below is the victory speech from last night.

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