Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 30 - New Television Shows That I Will Give A Try This Season

The new television is here and I always ring in the fall season by watching all of the new shows of interest to me at least once. Because of the television strike last year, the season was pretty much ruined for me. New shows did not stand a chance, luckily the networks are bring shows like "Pushing Daisies" and "Dirty, Sexy, Money" back. Here are 13 shows that I intend to give a try.

1. The Mentalist (CBS) California detective Patrick Jane is notorious for his flamboyant personal style, not to mention his former career as a phony psychic, but what can you say? The guy has a remarkable track record for solving major crimes through uncanny powers of observation. That doesn't mean California Bureau of Investigation Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, along with her staff, has to be thrilled to have such a loose cannon as a key member of her team

2. Privileged (CBS) Megan Smith, a 23-year-old Yale graduate and aspiring journalist, finds herself thrust into what seems like an alternate reality when she is fired from her tabloid job and lands a gig as live-in tutor to Rose and Sage, the high-maintenance twin teenage granddaughters of cosmetics mogul Laurel Limoges. Megan is so dazzled by the posh trappings of her new Palm Beach job, which includes live-in chef Marco, that she doesn't even notice her best friend, Charlie, is secretly in love with her.

3. The Fringe (CBS) FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to investigate the bizarre case of an international flight that landed at Boston's Logan Airport with a load of passengers and crew members who all have died grisly deaths. After another agent, John Scott, is nearly killed during the investigation, Olivia's search for clues takes her to institutionalized genius Dr. Walter Bishop, whose estranged son, Peter, may prove helpful in solving this mystery. After meeting manipulative corporate executive Nina Sharp, however, Olivia and her colleagues begin to realize the riddle of that ghastly flight is only a fragment of an even more shocking truth.

4. Do Not Disturb (FOX) Demanding celebrities flock to The Inn, a chic and very hip Manhattan hotel recently named one of the Big Apple's 10 Best Places to Stay, where they know the stylish staff will bend over backwards to please them. It's a different matter, however, behind the scenes, where arrogant, detail-obsessed general manager Neal often clashes with Rhonda, the brash and outspoken head of the human resources department.

5. Knight Rider (NBC) In this reinvention of the 1980s cult hit, former Army Ranger Mike Tracer is recruited to protect the Knight Industries Three Thousand, or KITT -- a superintelligent computer disguised as a sleek Ford Mustang -- from the ruthless bad guys who killed its inventor.

6. The Ex List (CBS) Hey, you think your love life is complicated? Businesswoman Bella Bloom just found out from a psychic that she already has dated the man she is destined to marry -- and if she doesn't reconnect with him in the coming year, she'll remain alone. Forever. At first, Bella discounts the prophecy as a party trick, but when the psychic's other predictions start coming true, Bella makes a frantic U-turn down Heartbreak Highway to find the ex who is meant to be Mister Right.

7. My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) This surreal drama follows a man with two identities: Henry Spivey, a mild-mannered family man who works as an efficiency expert, and Edward Albright, a covert operative who speaks 13 languages and is trained to kill with his teeth. Each identity is unaware of the other, until the carefully constructed psychological wall between the two is breeched, thrusting both Henry and Edward into situations with which they are ill-equipped to cope.

8. Opportunity Knocks (ABC) You say you've always wanted to be on a game show but somehow just couldn't make the effort? Well, ABC has the show for you, as host J.D. Roth and his mobile team pull up each week in front of a suburban contestant's home with a semi loaded with furniture, electronics and big cash prizes the family can win on the spot if they can answer questions about one another correctly, playing the game right there on their front lawn, in front of their friends and neighbors.

9. Gary Unmarried (CBS) Painting contractor Gary Brooks tries to juggle his fragile new romance with Vanessa, a single mom, with the demands of his first marriage, which include ex-wife Allison -- who had to be the Enforcer to Gary's Fun Dad -- and their two kids, socially inept 14-year-old Tom and politically correct daughter Louise, 11.

10. Stylista (CW) Eleven aspiring fashionistas compete for an editorial job at Elle magazine by performing assistant tasks and editorial assignments for the magazine's fashion news director, Anne Slowey.

11. Valentine (CW) A group of Greek gods live together and help mortals find their soul mates

12. In Harms Way (CW) An hour-long reality show that follows folks with dangerous occupations, like storm chasers or firefighters.

13. Raising The Bar (TNT) Steven Bochco does it again! I already started watching this one. It is a great show about the inner workings of the public defenders and prosecutors offices in NYC. It's great to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Gloria Reuben and Currie Graham.

Check out this clip from "Raising The Bar"

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Malcolm said...

So far, the only one I've seen is #13 on your list. However, I intend to check out 1-4, 6, 7 and 9. The premise of "My Own Worst Enemy" (#7) reminds me of the Geena Davis film "The Long Kiss Goodnight".

Lori said...

You know...I havent heard of any of those. Let us know what you think. Happy TT.

Candy Minx said...

I have been faithfully watching "Raising The Bar" and it's got me hoked. I am surprised except there is just enough classic character building, foreshadowing and mystery to make it a strong series isn't there?

I watched two episodes of "Fringe" and I felt interested in it except I wish they had original music, it sounds just like "Lost"...why why why? I loved the isolation tank...and the premise, but it has lost me on being almost a little too formulaic. I will try again on your recommendation.

I love "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Pushing Daisies". I never even heard of "Valentine" but it totally sounds liek something I would LOVE!

I am interested in "The Ex List" for sure...and "The Mentalist" ...I am going to check out the show because I think the actor is hot...I loved him in the movie "Something New" a unigue twist on "chick flick" with some good story arc and character investigation...if you haven't seen it you must!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy raising the bar too. It keeps getting better and better each week. thanks for the article!

clnmike said...

Not one of those shows interest me, they seem like they were just slapped together.

The Rock Chick said...

You know, I am loving The Mentalist. I think that's one of those shows that once the "new show" kinks are worked out and the characters get a little more depth behind storylines, it will be a winner!!!!

I have three (I think) episodes of Fringe taped, just haven't had a chance to watch it.

PopArtDiva said...

The Mentalist is pretty good. Do not disturb is a waste of Jerry and a typical mediocre comedy. Fringe is kind of interesting so far.

I never watched the first Knight Rider and I won't watch this one. Who the devil wants a bloody talking car with attitude?? I have enough trouble with my car as it is!

I'm going to watch Stylista - I'm a sucker for that particular kind of reality show.

When is Valentine going to premiere? That sounds interesting and I didn't see it on any schedule!

Here's my favorite shows that have already premiered this Fall and some of my favorite returnees!

I've got Raising the Bar in my DVR and I can't seem to get into it, but I love Bochco so I'm going to devote a Sunday to watching and see if it pulls me in.