Friday, November 28, 2008

Quote: Smokey on Michael

Smokey Robinson provides some insight on Michael Jackson."He is the best who ever did it. The singing and the dancing and the records-the whole package. But somewhere ... he just got lost. It's easy to do."

-- Motown Records legend Smokey Robinson on Michael Jackson's legacy


Malcolm said...

I've been saying this for sometime now. I liked that Smokey kept it clean and didn't get nasty.

pjazzypar said...

Smokey loves Mike. He would never be unkind to him. With all the ups and downs I really believe the original Motown Artist remain a family.

X. Dell said...

Smokey's also in that rare individual who would have experienced or witnessed what happened to Jackson first hand, and has a deeper appreciation for some of the pitfalls of stardom.

Robinson was in many ways better grounded than Jackson, and thus had strengths that Michael didn't. That's probably why Robinson and his music have survived in the biz as long as they have. At the same time, I really think this interpretation is much more accurate and helpful in understanding some of those last-generation TOBA musicians than the sensationalistic depictions by J. Randy Tarborelli (sp?) and others.