Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Wish - An Original Poem By Latisha

For many years I have worked with children and adolescents as a mental health professional. While I am an educator, I also work as a licensed chemical dependency counselor for teenagers from 13 to 18 years of age. The work is challenging, but rewarding and every now and then you come in contact with someone who is really talented. The young lady who wrote this poem is very talented 17 year old and this is only one of many of her offerings. She has allowed me to share this poem with my blogger pals and she would appreciate feedback both good and bad.

I Wish

By the time you get this letter I might be doing better
It's kind of hard trying to survive in all this crazy weather
Everybody wants my number, everybody's calling my name

But in the mist of this I can still hear you say
"Girl walk upright and straighten your life because you don't want one of
those good jobs to pass you by and don't act no fool cause I'll always be
watching you!"
And now that you're gone it stills feels like you're here!

I miss our walks one thing you use to say when things get hard get down on
your knees and pray and then our walks it's just those simple things I miss
We still do all of these but only in my dreams!

At night I pray to god and ask him why can't you still be here with me?

I look up when it's raining I try hard to live life the right way but it'll take
a couple more years for the world to see how I'm trying to stay strong but
barely moving on I know I'll see you again but for right now Rest In Peace!

And when I get to heaven first thing I'll say will be tell me have you seenMaybell Marie Johnson
Find out where you are run into your arms so you can wrap your wings
around me and whisper in my ear well done my child!

Granny I wish you were here to see the things I've done
I wish you were here you'd be so proud of this single loved one
I wish you were here to celebrate with me
I wish you were here!

Written by: Latisha
January 23, 2009


Revvy Rev said...

It seems as though we skipped an entire generation. We are missing "Grandma's hands" and the extended family that helped us to weather difficult times in the past. There is a different, younger type of grandmother, many who are trying to deal with their own issues. At the same time there are more and older grands or greats who should be enjoying their golden years but are struggling with trying to raise their childrens' kids.

I feel the emotion, heartache, and longing coming from Latish in I Wish. The best literature and art comes from heartfelt experience. I enjoyed the poem. Latisha has a bright future should she stay with it.

X. Dell said...

Nice poem. Anyone who's grown up in n extended family should appreciate this.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Rev and X.Dell,

I will pass along your compliments and well wishes to Latisha who will be going home next week.

SjP said...

Beautiful poem. "ditto" Rev's comments.