Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Gaye

Today Marvin Gaye would have been 69 years old. While I don't usually acknowledge celebrity birthdays I figured today I would make an exception for my favorite male singer of all time. The original "Trouble Man" started his career in his hometown of Washington DC, where he sung in several groups, including The Marquees with Bo Diddley, which produced a song entitled "Wyatt Earp". He was recruited by Harvey Fuqua to become a member of the Moonglows. He had his first recorded lead with the group on "Mama Loocie" in 1959 on Chess Records. When the Moonglows disbanded, Harvey Fuqua, with Marvin in tow, left the Windy City for Motown and the rest is history.

After serving as a sessions drummer for many of the Motown acts in the early 60's, Marvin finally hit his stride proving he was "A Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" who was not only a wonderful singer and performer, but also a prolific songwriter, when he asked the world the question "What's Going On?" Although he had his personal problems as we all well know, he left us with his most prized possession, his music. The music is just as significant and relevant today as it was when he first recorded. Happy Birthday and I miss you "My Dear Mr. Gaye". Check out Marvin on piano singing "What's Going On" and "What's Happening Brother" with the legendary James Jamerson on bass.


Malcolm said...

I started to email you the other day when I remembered that it was Marvin's birthday, but I figured that you would be all over it (which you were). I think he falls into that category (along with artists like Curtis Mayfield) who weren't truly appreciated by some until after he died.

Jay said...

They are supposed to start production on "Sexual Healing" a Marvin Gaye biopic staring Jesse L. Martin in May. I hope they do him justice!

pjazzypar said...


I agree that though he was pretty well known he was not appreciated for the true genius that he was. I have a long list of songs that I absolutely adore by him; however what is considered by many to be one of the best albums of all time is "What's Going On". I am very partial to the "I Want You" album, which includes one of my favorite cuts "After The Dance".

Hey Jay,

If anyone can do justice in a Marvin Gaye biopic it is Jessie L. Martin. While he is most recognized as an officer on "Law & Order", he has quite an extensive background on Broadway. I think he might do the singing as well.

Lori said...

Hey, I think you all know how I feel about Marvin (smile). That cover is one of my favorites. Don't know if I'm ready for a movie about him. Also, didn't he die on April Fool's day?

pjazzypar said...


you are correct. Marvin was murdered on April Fool's Day. Since he has been deceased for almost a quarter of a century, I think I am ready for a biopic. It will introduce him to a whole new audience.