Friday, April 18, 2008

Top 5 On Friday - 171

From Music Memoirs, Top 5 On Friday - Week 171: Top 5 break up songs.

1. Brokenhearted – Brandy and Boyz to Men

2. Careless Whisper – George Michael and Wham

3. One More Night – Phil Collins

4. Tainted Love – Soft Cell

5. I Wish It Would Rain – Temptations


Malcolm said...

I remember relaxing in the backyard wearing out my tape of "No Jacket Required" back in the day.

I have that "2 albums on 1 CD" set by The Tempts that you have pictured. That photo is also from my favorite performance of theirs (when they appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1967).

Michael said...

I thought about using a Phil Collins (Genesis, actually) song for my list, too, but I ended up going with something else. Great list!

Simply Shannon said...

*swoon* I use to have such a crush on George Michael.

Jay said...

Back when I was in high school EVERYBODY had "No Jacket Required" Oh man. That tape was sooo popular.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm reliving my childhood with your list! One More Night and Careless Whisper! Great tunes!

Thanks for playing this week :)

moodymistress said...

Great answers! I love #4.

pjazzypar said...

Malcolm, Phil Collins was as big as any performer in the 80's and I really enjoyed his music too. I actually looked for the picture of the original "I Wish It Would Rain" album cover, but was unsuccessful. Remember, they would in the desert dressed like they were in the Foreign Legion.

Michael, I am a fan of Phil Collins, however I don't hear much from him anymore.

Simply Shannon, I could barely stand Wham, but I loved the song "Careless Whisper".

Jay, "No Jacket Required" seems to bring back fond memories for everyone.

The Mistress of the Dark, those were great tunes.