Friday, April 18, 2008

New York Knickerbockers Coached Given The Axe

Isaiah Thomas was fired today after one of the most embarrassing seasons in the New York basketball franchise's history. Thomas couldn’t win with the team he assembled as the organizations president, now he has lost both jobs. The Knicks have experienced a season of listless, dreadful basketball and to add insult to injury, Thomas lost a sexual harassment suit. As in most cases when the teams play badly, the coach is the first one held up to scrutiny. This seems to be a pattern for Thomas who was also unceremoniously fired as coach of the Indiana Pacers a few years ago.

Thomas lost the support of fans who chanted at home games for his dismissal. His players did not seem to be motivated to play for him. They finished the season with a record of 23-59 in their seventh losing season. New team president Donnie Walsh, who took over the job of president from Thomas on April 2nd stated, “I feel like some of the bigger events that happened on the way with Isaiah have overshadowed some of the good things he’s done for the franchise”. Walsh further affirmed that Thomas will still have a position within the organization.


Malcolm said...

New York is the worst city in sports in which to fall on your face. Although Isaiah brought most if not all of it on himself (after all, he put together the roster), it was still sad for me to see the greatest Piston of all-time fail so miserably. As crazy as it sounds, some of my brothers have said that they felt Isaiah should have been named GM of the Pistons instead of Joe Dumars. WTF?!

pjazzypar said...


I feel badly for Isaiah While he is officially still with the Knicks organization, it would not surprise me if he moved on very soon.

I can see how one would feel that Thomas should have been first choice. He was the franchise player and the main reason why Dumars came to the Pistons in the first place (Dumars' words). Let's face it, the Pistons was Isaiah's team and it seems that Isaiah has made some bad choices and pissed off a few too many people along the way. Otherwise why would the Piston organization overlook him?

At first I felt the same way about Isaiah's being short changed by the Pistons. But hey, I ain't mad at what Dumars has done with the team. I feel that he does deserve to be just where he is at this juncture.