Friday, May 2, 2008

Star and D-Wade

If anyone didn't know by now. Star Jones and her husband of four years, Al Reynolds are divorcing. In the midst of the over the top wedding, her obvious surgery, and the gossip about Mr. Reynold's sexuality another story has actually emerged. I was watching my beloved Pistons on TNT and Dwayne Wade was on the panel analyzing the game, along with the regular cast of characters of Kenny Anderson, Ernie Jackson and Charles Barkley. Charles of course mentions that he has been hearing the rumors of D-Wade's relationship with Star Jones and went on to refer to Star as a "COUGAR". For those of you who are not familiar with the term it is a older woman who dates younger men.

D-Wade laughed the comments off on TNT. admitting only that he and Star are friends. It seems that he and Star are taking a lot of cheap shots from the "Star Bones" digs to one writer exclaiming that the pairing would be the "worst sexual miscarriage in the history of sport". If Star and D-Wade are "booed up" (a term I got from my young cousin) whose business would it be other than the two of them. I ain't mad at Star. Shoot I would be a cougar if I could date D-Wade. But seriously, what are your thoughts on the matter.


Malcolm said...

When I first heard about this possible pairing about a week ago, I was like "come on D-Wade, you can do better than Star Jones". Even if they are only friends, at the very least Star can teach Dwyane to correctly spell his first name.

I always thought it was something suspect about Star's marriage to Al Reynolds. Maybe she and Terry MacMillan can compare notes.

By the way, it's good to see you back posting again.

The Rock Chick said...

I agree with Malcolm! It's great to see a new post from you and cougar or not, I think almost everyone can do better than Star Jones!!!!!!

She has zero appeal to me. I didn't care for her diva stuff on The View. I couldn't understand the corporate sponsors for her wedding. Why? I do think there is probably some truth to the rumors about her husband. It's not bad to me if it's true, I just don't know why either of them would marry each other if they are true.

I don't like the fact that she obviously had surgery and then lied about it like she thinks anyone really cares.

I just don't get her at all.....

pjazzypar said...

Hey Malcolm,

Good to be back in the land of blogging. I forgot about Terry McMillan. You can't tell me these smart women don't realize who they are marrying. I really don't believe that Dwyane and Star are an item. He could have his pick of women.

Hey RC,

Thanks for the warm welcome. Star has gotten on a lot of people's bad sides. The wedding was a farce and she is weird looking now, kind of like Oprah when she loses too much weight. Their heads look to big for their bodies. Well that is enough Starbashing for one day.

Lori said...

Hey PJ (aka Ms. MIA)
I was just about to email you and ask it you were all right?! (smile) Tell Malcolm to stop hating (LOL). Old girls need love too . . . Look at Mariah and Nick.
When it comes to those two, I just hope Mariah was lucid enough to get a pre-nup.

pjazzypar said...

Whoa Lori! Hold the phone. I didn't even know about Mariah and Nick. What the ??? Nick is a pretty impetuous dude. Wasn't he engaged to some model just last year? I hope Mariah handles her business. Oh yeah, nothing is wrong. The end of the semester keeps me to busy to post is all. Thanks for your concern.

X. Dell said...

My thoughts are that it's their business. Just because someone's prominent doesn't give the press the right to invade their privacy. I don't want to know who Jones is seeing, nor do I care.

pjazzypar said...

dell x.,

I hear you, it is definitely Star and D-Wade's personal business and the public should just butt out. But it is too much fun to speculate about others people's business. I know I need to get a life (LOL).