Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 21 - Thirteen Favorite Television Bosses

I was watching this special last week about favorite classic television characters and it inspired this week’s Thursday Thirteen about some of my favorite television bosses from over the years. These bosses may not be the best, kindest, or most thoughtful, but they are among the funniest and most infamous in television history. These individual are in no particular order and feel free to share some of your favorite television bosses. Oh yeah, I am well aware that three of these bosses are cartoon characters (smile).

1. Montgomery Burns (Simpsons)

2. Louie De Palma (Taxi) – Portrayed by Danny De Vito

3. Khadijah James (Living Single) – Portrayed by Queen Latifah

4. Cosmo Spacely (The Jetson)

5. Sam Malone (Cheers) – Portrayed by Ted Danson

6. Sylvester Nate George Oscar Slate [Mr. Slate](The Flintstones)

7. Jack Donaghy (30 Rock) – Portrayed by Alec Baldwin

8. Wilemena Slater (Ugly Betty) – Portrayed by Vanessa L. Williams

9. Adrian Monk (Monk) – Portrayed by Tony Shaloub

10. Tim Taylor (Home Improvements) – Portrayed by Tim Allen

11. Anita Van Buren (Law & Order) – Portrayed by S. Epatha Merkerson

12. Simon Cowell (American Idol)

13. Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy) – Portrayed by Chandra Wilson

Check out this clip from "30 Rock". Alec Baldwin is hilarious!

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Chelle Y. said...

I loved the Jetsons and Flintstones when I was a little girl! That brought back a lot of memories!

anthonynorth said...

The Flintstones were great. And what do we have now? Simon Cowell, straight out of the Stone Age himself :-)

SandyCarlson said...

No. 4 is my guy!

Sue said...

The Jetsons, and the Flintstones were my faves too! Good thing bosses are not really like those two...well they are not supposed to be. ;)

Happy TT and have a great rest of the week!

our happy happenings said...

Mine would have to be Michael on the Office. You forgot him :)

Malcolm said...

Aw man, that clip had me laughing my ass off! When Alec imitated Tracy's dad, it reminded me of Fred Sanford. The closing line about Howard Cosell was classic!

As for some of my favorite bosses:

Milburn Drysdale- The Beverly Hillbillies

The Chief of CONTROL- Get Smart

Dr. Perry Cox and Dr. Bob Kelso- Scrubs

J. Peterman- Seinfeld

I never knew Mr. Slate's full name.

Hailey's Mommy said...

Great list. Chandra Wilson is a total boss. Happy TT.

Hootin' Anni said...

We watched part of that program too, between commercials from the baseball game. LOL

Anyone but Simon. Ewwwwwww.

My T-13 is shared. Drop by and help me list MORE!

B Boys Mom said...

Spacely would me my favorite. Happy TT

Patty said...

Love the list!

pussreboots said...

Nice eclectic list. Happy TT.

Lori said...

You know, that Alec Baldwin clip kind of rubs me the wrong way. But hey, different strokes. You've got one real "boss" list here (smile).

On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, shown together like that, these bosses have so much in common. That's a little scary, isn't it? Great list!

Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Whoa. What a cool topic! And great bosses, too, especially from the older shows.

Angelle said...

I love Mr. Burns! :) He's just so wicked. (and stingily bad!)

My Thursday Thirteen is up. 13 things I learned about Japanese motorcycle gangs ;) Ah the joy of ex-pat life~

Lucy said...

so happy you remembered Louie Depalma! hahaha
He is one of my all time favorite characters!
great list! :)

Lori said...

Great list...does Simon really count? I thought he was just a critic;) Happy TT.

pjazzypar said...

Chelle y., Thanks for visiting.

anthonynorth, cute observation about Cowell.

sandycarlson, Thanks for stopping by.

sue, A lot of bosses are like Slate and Spacely.

our happy happenings, I didn't forget him, I don't watch the show.

Malcolm, I knew you would like that one. I also knew some would find it to be politically incorrect. The first time I saw it I almost choked. The Cosell line is a classic.

hailey's mommy, I like Miranda too.

hootin' anni, I really enjoyed the show.

b boys mom, thanks for visiting.

patty, thanks for visiting.

pussreboots, thanks for stopping by.

Lori, I am glad you enjoyed the list. I didn't expect everyone to like that clip and I can see how it would rub some people the wrong way. I just found Alec Baldwin's imitation of Fred Sanford and Tracy Morgan to be too funny.

on a limb with claudia, I didn't notice that many commonalities until you pointed it out.

susan helene gottfried, The older shows are the best.

angelle, My son does a mean imitation of Mr. Burns.

lucy, I love Louie

Lori, Simon owns Idol, so he is the boss.

Adelle said...

Oh I loved Spacely lol Jetsons was one of my fav cartoons. Happy T13!

Meju said...

I would have to opt for Simon Cowell or Tim Allen...I think!

The Rock Chick said...

I think one of my fave TV bosses was Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore show. This is a great idea for a list!!! Still working on mine!

Happy TT

Tammy said...

Great list!

Love the Jetsons & Flintstones!

Anonymous said...

Louie De Palma and the boss from the Flinstones always reminded me of each other.

I loved Sam Malone.
This was a fun TT
Thanks, Maribeth

Sandy M said...

Loved the I have that stupid song in my head.

Anonymous said...

OMG - that clip was friggin hilarious. We never watch 30 Rock but maybe we should start watching it. I loved Tracy Morgan on SNL when he played "Brian Fellows" and he just makes me laugh.

Grandmother Wren said...

Great list, but that Alec Baldwin just creeps me out. I don't know what it is, just ugh!

siteseer said...

I always like Cheers. Woody Herrelson played such a great part.

Chris said...

Fun list. Happy TT.

Geekymom said...

Love, love 30 Rock !!

Denise Patrick said...

I have to tell you that I only recognized the "cartoon" ones. If you hadn't included those, I wouldn't have known any of them.

Happy TT!

X. Dell said...

I've worked for people who thought they were all of the above.

verabear said...

I would have Dr. Gregory House on my list :) And the Pinoy Big Brother too!Haha.

I enjoyed going through your TT, hope you have time to visit mine. :)

Bethany said...

Awesome list! I love Dr. Bailey, she is the best-- keeps those interns on their toes ;)