Monday, December 3, 2007

Clinton Versus Obama

As a black woman, I find myself facing quite a conundrum (I love that word) with regards to the upcoming presidential election. I, as many other people, have two candidates in the race, but alas I can only vote for one. I am trying desperately to weigh the issues rather than letting my heart guide me.

I have always been a Hillary Clinton supporter since her days as the first lady. She is an advocate for socialized health care and children’s rights, but she is middle of the road on issues of abortion. She is progressive without illusions and believes that government should play a more prominent role in providing for the needs of the people.

The crux of candidate Obama’s campaign is rooted in universal health care. As you might have deciphered I am pretty big on every citizen in American be provided with adequate medical care in spite of their financial situation. Obama is also in favor of getting our people out of the Middle East, something that is very important to many Americans.

I am not a political analyst (and I don’t portray one on TV), I just feel that after the last eight years we need to return the government to the people and I think these two candidates offer the most promise for the future of this country. With that said, I still don’t have a clue about what I am going to do next November.


Holly Smith said...

I am just glad that "Dubya" will be out. I think I prefer Obama, but I'd be fine with Clinton as well. They are both smart and reasonable...which will be a nice change. : )
Mama Pajama

Jennifer said...

I too am betwixt and between.
I've always loved Hilary , and Bill was my man(I'm pretty sure a
vote for Hilary will be a 3rd term for Bill).
I like Michelle Obama's passion for her man.I feel if she believes so stongly in him I've got to take a closer look at him and see if I can see that Presidential quality in him also.
At this juncture I'm still debating.

pjazzypar said...


Thanks for stopping by. I am interested in positive change, something we have not had in the last eight years. I agree that both are smart and reasonable, but also qualified.


I really like both candidates and I feel that Hillary probably had a lot to do with the decisions Bill made while in the office. I heard Michelle on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and she does believe in her husband. I am with you, can't decide at this time.