Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 2 - Thirteen Things About Me

Thirteen Things about ME

This is my second Thursday Thirteen and I think I should introduce myself with thirteen facts about myself in no particular order. I probably should have provided this introduction last week, but I didn't think about it. Better late than never.

1. I moved to the Dallas area earlier this year after living in Long Beach, California over 16 years.

2. I teach at two colleges in the Dallas Community College District. My courses are Intro Sociology and Criminology. I love interacting with the students and getting their take on current events and issues that affect society on a personal and global level.

3. I love popcorn! I sometimes go to the movie just to get the popcorn.

4. Music is a very important part of my life and I am a fan of all genres of music from R&B to Country and everything in between.

5. I am also a student working on a criminal justice degree.

6. I am originally from Michigan having been born and raised in Flint. I attended Beecher High School (Go Bucs).

7. I have an adult son who still resides in California. He plays the guitar and drums in a couple of local bands and he is also a disc jockey for hire.

8. Television is another passion of mine. I started recording most of the shows I watch so that I can fast forward through the commercials. It saves me about fifteen minutes on an hour show.

9. I also work as a case manager for adults with acute mental illnesses. Some of them are better off than others; however they all are on some form of psychotropic medication.

10. I enjoy playing card and board games. Some of my favorite games are Spades, Bid Whist, Pictionary, and Motownopoly.

11. I like watching professional basketball and I am a lifelong Detroit Piston fan, no matter what city in which I take up residence.

12. I miss California in a big way. My family and friends, the places to go, the beaches, the weather…Alas, the things we do for property ownership.

13. Finally I have found that I really like blogging and I am really getting into it in a big way.

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Malcolm: said...

I always like it when someone stays true to their original home team no matter where they live. Go Pistons!

Lori said...

Hey PJ,
We have a few things in common. I love popcorn too. But didn't the movie popcorn used to taste better when we were kids? (smile)

One of my best friends is a Sociology Professor. She lives and teaches in the Atlanta area.

My son is not yet a teenager, but like his mom, he loves music and on his birthday (couple days ago) we gave him an acoustic guitar. He owns several African drums, but I'm not ready for the ones with sticks yet (smile).

Wow, your move to Dallas after all of those years in Long Beach must have been something. You probably felt like I did when I moved to Cleveland after having lived in Memphis for like 20 plus years . . .

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Great Thursday post! Come visit mine before everyone drinks it!

Open Grove Claudia said...

What fun to get a chance to learn a little bit about you! Thanks for sharing! I've been in Denver for 12 years and I still miss the California beaches.

Happy TT.

pjazzypar said...


I stick with the Pistons come rain or come shine and it's been drizzling the last couple of years. Here's hoping they have a better season this year.


Popcorn was way better back in the day. However, I know of this movie theater in Long Beach called the Art Theater and everything about it is ole school from the building and the seating to the old style snacks (Bub & Cherries) and the popcorn, which is popped fresh every twenty minutes. Talk about good stuff!

Tell the baby Happy Birthday. Early on my son showed an aptitude for playing the drums, so at three I purchased him a professional drum kit scaled down so that he could play. He later took guitar lessons.

I am experiencing culture shock among other things since I left California. My aunt will be visiting in a few weeks for Christmas, so that helps. I am trying to talk my best friend into coming down next month and joining me at the Whisper, Stephanie Mills, and After 7 concert.

don't make me get out my flying monkeys,

Thanks for visiting.

open grove claudia,

Denver is a lovely place too, but I am sure you will agree that there is nothing quite like Southern California. I'll be over to check out your TT.