Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Poll Results

The commercialization of Christmas won hands down! I was not shocked at all by the results. Anyone who has been in malls, shopping centers, or department stores almost anywhere in the world and you will find mad rushes of consumers trying to pick up Christmas gifts. The true meaning of the season has been sacrificed in favor of buying and selling. It seems that no one was much concerned with cheesy gifts, fruitcake, or annoying relatives, but one person found over done Christmas decorations to be bothersome. A couple of people polled liked absolutely everything about Christmas, so they would not change a thing.

The breakdown of votes is as follows: Over done Christmas gifts 7%
Pesky/ annoying relatives 0%
Commercialization of Christmas 78%
Cheesy Christmas gifts 0%
Fruitcake 0%
I love everything about Christmas 15%

Thanks to everyone that participated.


X. Dell said...

The thing about the commercialization of Christmas is that it gets more blatant every year, not to mention longer (started in September, around here). The message of "Buy, buy, buy, if you really love your friends and family" repeated ad nauseum really gets on my nerves.

pjazzypar said...


You are so right in your assessment of the holiday season. It gets on my nerves too. I don't have to wait until a certain time of year to show family and friends that I care.