Saturday, December 8, 2007


I was all set to write about Snoop Dogg’s new reality show. I was definitely through talking about Imus and although he was back on the airways, I decided I was not going to allow him or his kind to run my blood pressure up. Guess what he has done now to get me in an uproar? He’s gone and hired two African Americans comedians, Karith Foster and Tony Powell as his new and improved radio show's cast members. WHAT THE HELL! According to Imus, these two individuals were hired to “to help conduct "an ongoing discussion about race relations in this country”. Yeah Right, give me a break would you Imus?

We all know Ms. Foster and Mr. Powell were hired to pull Imus’s ‘fat out of the fire’ and try to portray him as being sensitive and truly remorseful about the derogatory remarks he made earlier in the year. What better way to show he is politically correct than to hire people who look like those he offended in the first place. It is the equivalent of shock jock Howard Stern’s employment of Robin Quivers, it kind of gives him card blanche to say insensitive things about Black people, while on the other hand the audience takes it as a joke because [he couldn’t mean what he says after all he hired Robin].

Imus stated upon his return to the airwaves on December 3rd , "I will never say anything in my lifetime that will make any of these young women at Rutgers [University] regret or feel foolish that they accepted my apology and forgave me.” This remains to be seen. As the old saying goes, ‘a leopard can’t change his spots’.


Kerith Collins said... i know this is old news...but yea...i can't believe he did we live in the 1800's...i am the whitest white girl you will ever see but, come on...don't you have any common sense or decency...didn't your mother ever teach you--If you don't have anything nice to say, shut your f-ing mouth.

pjazzypar said...

Hi kerith,

His mother probably taught him to a least use discretion when opening your mouth. Idiots like him think that they can say anything, throw out a meaningless apology and everything will be just honky dory. Unfortunately he is right because he is back on the air and not even a year has passed. Thanks for commenting.