Sunday, December 16, 2007


Dexter is the coolest show around and the only reason why I will not cancel my Showtime subscription (well at least not until in the morning). Tonight is the season finale and the last eight weeks have been packed with ‘edge of your seat’ plot twists. The show has strong writing, clever dialogue, and talented stars. It all makes for marvelous tv viewing at it's finest. Definitely one of the best shows currently on television and quite possibly will become one of the best shows of all time.

Dexter is a serial killer, but a likable one. He only kills murderers, child violators, drug dealers, and basically your run of the mill, scum of the earth types. The character of Dexter Morgan is played to the nines by Michael C. Hall of HBO’s “Six Feet Under”. Rounding out the cast is Julie Benz as girlfriend Rita, Jennifer Morgan as his sister Debra, Erik King as Sgt. Doakes, and Lauren Velez as Lt. Maria Laguerta.

The story lines are scary, chilling, and not at all cliché. 'Dexter' can also be hilarious when it wants to be, depressing when it wants to be and especially thrilling when it wants to be. It never comes across as trying too hard. You are kept guessing until the last possible moment and sometimes wonder how the hero (anti-hero) will actually come out in the end. I promise you that you will not be bored if give it a watch. Unfortunately the season ends tonight, but you are just in time for the reruns beginning next week.

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