Thursday, March 20, 2008

After the Dance By Lori Johnson

Next week, Tuesday, March 25, 2008 will be a special day for one of my blogging buddies, Lori Johnson. That day will mark the release of her first novel “After the Dance”. The release has been much anticipated and a lot of us are looking forward to a good read. I have pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and it is suppose to ship next Tuesday.

I have read the excerpt on
Lori’s website and it was laugh out loud funny in some parts and poignant in others. I also found myself caring about the characters and hoping that the main characters would somehow find their way to each other. I really cannot wait to read what happens to them.

Lori had a little promotional contest on her blog Lori's Old School Mix in which the winner received an autographed copy of the book. Unfortunately Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish beat me to obtain first prize. I was however able to finally make a correct guess on the second part of the contest and win an “After the Dance” CD by Fourplay. There might still be another prize up for grabs.

Visit the website, read the excerpt, and order a copy of the book, which promises to be a page turner. Join me in wishing Lori much success on her first published work and here is hoping that this is only the first in a long line of literary accomplishments for this young lady.


Lori said...

Hey PJ,
You are too kind! (sniff, sniff) You know I'm gonna email your post to my Mama tomorrow, don't you? (LOL) Thanks!

Malcolm said...

Great plug Pjazzy! I am looking forward to receiving my copy.

Btw, are you still trying to earn that BBQ sauce?

pjazzypar said...

Lori, You are more than welcome. I wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. You deserve the shout out.

Malcolm, I know you are awaiting your AUTOGRAPHED copy (don't rub it in). You know I am still after that barbecue sauce...I only got 4 more songs to go:)

The Rock Chick said...

wow! looks great! I will pick up a copy!

That Malcolm, he knows everything, I swear :)

pjazzypar said...

Yes RC, Malcolm is very knowledgeable about these things.