Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 16 - Thirteen First In Women's Achievements

In Recognition of Women History Month I have selected thirteen of the many first achievements of women. These women come from all walks of life including politicians, social reformists, scientists, educators, etc. Some of these women are virtually unknown to the masses, however they played an important part of historical events that occurred after their initial contributions. These women set the stage for advancement of women, not only in America, but around the world. Who are some of the women you feel changed the course of history?

1. Elizabeth Blackwell - First woman to obtain a medical degree - 1849

2. Amelia Jenks Bloomers - Publisher/editor of the first prominent women's rights newspaper - 1849

3. Harriet Tubman - First woman to run the Underground Railroad to help slaves escape - 1850

4. Susan B. Anthony - Co-founder of the first women suffrage organization - 1869

5. Victoria Chaflin Woodhall - First woman presidential candidate - 1872

6. Susan Madora Salter - First woman mayor (Argonia, Kansas) - 1887

7. Mary McLeod Bethune - First women to establish a secondary school that went on to become a four year accredited college - 1904.

8. Hallie Ferguson - First woman governor of a U. S. state (Texas) - 1924

9. Katherine Bement Davis - First person to conduct national survey on sexual attitudes - 1929

10. Jane Addams - Social reformist, founder of Hull House in Chicago and the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize - 1931

11. Hattie Mc Daniels - First African American of any gender to win an Academy Award - 1939

12. Mary Clarke - First woman to be named a major general in the U. S. Army - 1978

13. Christa McAuliffe - First women citizen passenger on a space mission - 1986

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Nicholas said...

Very good list. Some of those are an inspiration to people of both sexes.

Open Grove Claudia said...

These women amaze me. I make so many excuses in my life... I am always inspired by Harriet Tubman - but Sojouner Truth is a bigger deal here. Psshht - like they have to compete. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

Happy TT!

Adelle said...

Fabulous list. Another amazing woman is Eleanor Roosevelt! Happy T13!

Malcolm said...

I like how you mixed in the famous with the lesser known. I never would have guessed that the first woman mayor was that long ago. Here are some of the other women that I feel have changed the course of history:

Businesswoman Madam CJ Walker
Astronaut Sally Ride
First Lady Betty Ford
Singer Marian Anderson

Lori said...

Nice educational list, PJ. I'm glad it wasn't a quizz. I would have missed several (smile).

Lori said...

Lets hear it for the Ladies in the HOOOOOOUSSSSSSSSSSSE!! Great list. Happy TT.

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful reminders. Thanks for this list. God bless.

X. Dell said...

That's an informational list. I really like the McDaniel photo.

marcia said...

wow,I thought i was a history buff and all I know is the last one I need to get back to studying

SJ Reidhead said...

You forgot Sally Ride.

Excellent list.

The Pink Flamingo

pjazzypar said...

Nicholas, I am impressed by the accomplishments of men, so why wouldn't men be inspired by women? Thanks for visiting and Happy TT.

open grove claudia, I think both Ms Tubman and Ms Truth were equally accomplished in their own right. Thanks for visiting.

adelle, I just saw a documentary on Eleanor Roosevelt and you are right she was quite a woman. She lived through a lot of diversity and challenges. Happy TT.

malcolm, you chose some great ladies. I thought about Madam C. J. Walker, but she was not actually the first to develop hair care products. It was a women out of St. Louis whose name alludes me at this time. Betty Ford might be my favorite first lady actually.

lori, I couldn't have passed this quiz, so I certainly would not subject it on anyone else (smile).

lori, Thanks for visiting. Happy TT.

sandycarlson, Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT., I liked the McDaniel photo also. It shows her in a different light, as a young attractive woman.

marcia, I included less known women, that I did not know about to remind us of the unsung heroes who made strives to equalize the playing field for women. Thanks for stopping by and keep studying.

sj.reidhead, I didn't forget Sally Ride. It was my list of thirteen. That is why I asked the question "who changed the course of history" so that everyone would have the opportunity to start a list of their own. Happy TT.

Melanie said...

I am so thankful for these women who have paved the way for me to have things the way I like to have them.

verabear said...

Thanks for letting us know about them. :)

Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino - First Woman President (Philippines); she is inflicted with Colon cancer now, a news that just broke out about 2 days ago.