Sunday, March 16, 2008

Army Wives

Remember when the new television season started in September and ended in May? Then all summer you had to watch those pesky reruns. Nowadays because of cable we have new seasons starting at different times during the year. For instance, "The Closer" and "Monk" start in June and July respectively. This brings me to Army Wives, a Lifetime drama starring Kim Delaney, which is set to begin its second season in June. In the meantime you can play catch up by watching the first season's episodes.

The storyline begins after a whirlwind courtship, bartender and single mother Roxie marries Army PFC. Trevor Leblanc and moves with him and his two children to an Army base in Charleston, SC. There she soon becomes friends with the other Army wives on the base, including ivy league graduate Claudia Joy Holden, wife of Col. Michael Holden; Denise Sherwood, whose son Jeremy has been abusing her since her husband, Maj. Frank Sherwood's deployment; former police officerPamela Moran, husband Chase has been promoted to the elite Delta Force; and psychiatrist Roland Burton, a male "Army wife" trying to help his wife, Lt. Col. Joan Burton, who is struggling with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

This show provides a glimpse of what it is like to reside on an Army base and it is packed with drama. In one episode surrogate mother Pamela is forced to give birth to twins on a pool table in the local saloon. Afterwards she explains the babies died rather than explain that she had been carrying them for money. The other wives support her although they don't agree with her tactics.

Tonight Lifetime will air an episode from last season at 10:00 pm EST as a segue into the new season, which starts in June. If you aren't doing anything on Sunday nights give this show a try. I don't think you will regret it.


Malcolm said...

I caught a couple of episodes of "Army Wives" when it first started. Having the son be the abuser of his mother was an interesting twist.

I also remember seeing the episode where Pamela gave birth on a pool table. The actress who plays Pamela also appeared as the daughter of Stephanie Faracy on the FOX sitcom "True Colors". Did you used to watch that show?

janes said...

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Anonymous said...

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