Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - David Cook

I know I have mentioned being a fan of American Idol. This year I have had a difficult time getting into the contestants. I just could not find anyone to get really excited about for the first time since the show aired in 2002. That is until last night when I heard the best spin on a popular song that I had ever experienced. The contestants sang songs from their respective years of birth and the last performer, David Cook, stopped the show with a totally awesome rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean". David Cook is a stone rocker and his approach to the song was different than anything Michael could have ever imagined. Cook slowed the tempo of the song and gave it a rock, bluesy feel that literally brought the house down.

David Cook is a twenty- five year old Missourian, who may well be the one to beat this year. Simon Cowell said it best a few weeks ago, "If the show remains a singing competition, rather than a popularity competition, you actually could win this entire show". This guy has been the most consistent performer and I feel that he might just win, but we have seen upsets so many times before on this show. Remember Chris Daugherty? Check out David performing The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"


The Rock Chick said...

I, too, was having trouble getting into this season of Idol! It's getting a little better, although I tape it and just zoom thru it, only watching the performances and the judge's comments. It only takes about 18 minutes that way :)

But tonight...David Cook! OMG! I watched his performance four times and it got better each and every time. He is brilliant.

I could see an entire concert starring him and know I would have a great time. I can't really say that about any of the other contestants, except maybe Brooke White. Her style is totally different, but I really enjoy her voice and her interpretation of the music, too.

pjazzypar said...

I actually watch Idol like you do because the banter between Seacreast and the judges has gotten pretty old for me.You know what, I like Brooke too, especially when she is playing along with her singing. You know who else I really liked? Amanda Overmyer. She left way too soon. Getting back to David, that was totally out of the blue and oh so unexpected. Who would expect a rocker to do a song like "Billie Jean" and then to take it to another level. That was one of the best performance I can remember seeing on Idol ever.