Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cooking For Real

Sunny Anderson has a new show on the Food Network entitled "Cooking For Real". The first episode will air on Sunday, April 6th at 10:30 am EST/9:30 am CST. I love food and I love with the Food Network is doing these days by recognizing the diversity in food preparation. They truly have something for everyone now.

Cooking for Real
will not be the first time Food Network audiences have seen Sunny Anderson. She debuted on the Network back in 2005 as a special guest on Emeril Live, cooking side by side Chef Emeril Lagasse — an appearance Sunny deemed as her greatest "foodie" moment ever. In 2007, Sunny co-hosted Food Network's series of specials, Gotta Get It, uncovering the latest and greatest food gadgets and gizmos on the market.

The newest edition is a young woman who was has served time in the United States Air Force. Sunny's passion for food paved the way for a passion with music. While growing up traveling the world as an Army brat, her parents always encouraged her to indulge in the local cuisine. When Sunny joined the Air Force, she continued her trek through the world for culinary finds and soon discovered she had a desire to explore music. Soon enough, she became an award-winning military radio host and news reporter.

Upon finishing her tour of duty with the Air Force, Sunny kept on her broadcast career playing radio host at stations in New Orleans, Montgomery, Detroit, and finally, in New York at hip hop radio powerhouse, HOT 97. Within a year, Vibe Magazine rated her show as one of the top 9 to listen to nationwide and crowned her, "Ruler of the Airwaves." Her radio success landed her guest hosting duties on MTV2, and voice over gigs on television and radio ads for Destiny's Child, LL Cool J, and John Legend.

Check out Ms. Anderson in this promo for a show she hosted on the network last year entitled "Gotta Get It".


X. Dell said...

I'd be kinda curious about learning more about what goes on in international cusine--methods of cooking, ingredients,etc.. I really should spend more time with the Food Network.

pjazzypar said...,

I can actually watch this station for hours. All of the chefs break the recipes down in a way that allows the regular cook like myself a chance to prepare all sorts of dishes.

Rachael Ray does 30 minute meals, which are actually pretty easy to make. Giada DeLaurentiis makes Italian dishes. Paula Dean prepares southern dishes, as does the Neely's who put a soulful spin on the food they make.

There are a bunch of other chefs and cooks on the station as well. You really should check it out. They have a lot of tricks to make you seem like you have been cooking for years.

Jay said...

I love the Food Network and can't wait to see Sunny's new show.

I did a blog post almost a year ago complaining about the lack of diversity on Food Network in the cooking shows. I guess they took notice, huh? LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

pjazzypar said...

Hey Jay,

It seems to be happening all at once, but the Food Network did take heed to your advice and I am glad they did. As a southern cook yourself, I know you can appreciate well-seasoned down home dishes that I see the Neeley's preparing. I am excited about Sunny because I think she is going to bring some excitement to the food game. I say that because she is probably going to merge the food with the music.

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